Commercial Compactors & Balers


Hassle Free


We know your business must work as efficiently as possible. This is why Waste Tech offers easy compaction rentals.
We install a unit based on your companies needs. Once we find you the most cost effective unit, we will walk you through the installation process.


All inclusive units Starting At $399




Free Maintenance Programs




3 Year Fixed Rental Guaranteed



self contained compactor


Self Contained Units Range from 30YD-40YD

Receiver Units Range from 30YD-40YD


Once the compaction unit is on location the unit will be charged monthly rental. Your company will use the unit and once it is full, one of our drivers will take the compactor to the landfill. We will bring it back to your company clean and emptied. Waste Tech strives to give your business the best timely service.


Monthly rental fees, dumping/tipping fees and hauling fees are some of the rates that are charged.

Installation Process

  1. Consult with one of our installation specialist
  2. A technician will outline the preparation needed
  3. Schedule an install date
  4. Our installation team will setup the unit
  5. Our team will train your employees on usage
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