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What is Sort Free recycling?

  • No sorting of recyclables
  • Everything goes into one cart with wheels
  • More plastics may be recycled—and fewer go to the landfill



How will Sort Free recycling benefit me?


  • It’s easier. No more sorting paper items from containers.
  • You’ll toss less trash. You can recycle more types of plastic, as well as gable-top containers like orange juice cartons.




How will Sort Free recycling benefit my community?


  • Collecting sort free recycling is more efficient, which keeps costs low.
  • Keeping more materials out of the landfill means our landfill will last longer.




When is Sort Free recycling going to start?
We expect Sort Free recycling collection to start by October 1, 2015 We’ll keep you updated
if that changes.You can also find us on facebook or join our email list by calling 508-2529800




How will the new recycling program work?
You must order this new service to receive your new Sort Free Cart. Once you receive your cart you will then review the instructional packet and then place your cart, by the curbside on your pickup day. Your materials will then be collected and transported to the MERF (Material Recycling Facility) for processing.




Will Sort Free recycling cost me more?
Currently, our customers will be able to upgrade to this service at no additional cost.




Is the new program sustainable?
Based on current sustainability reports and separation equipment efficiency we feel this new system is overall a better way to collect recyclable material going forward.




About my recycling cart.


We expect to provide new, 65-gallon recycling carts with wheels to households. We also will provide directions for what to do with your old recycling bins.


Here are several important facts about your 65-gallon recycling cart:


  • Size. A 65-gallon cart will provide enough space for the additional materials you will recycle. The average household will recycle 400-450 pounds per year using a 65-gallon cart!
  • Lids. Keeping a lid on carts reduces litter. Lids will feature pictures of what’s recyclable.
  • Pickup. This cart allows for weekly recycling collection, which is most cost-effective. Carts are collected with automated trucks, which save time, and reduce worker injuries associated with heavy lifting.
  • Right-sizing. All households will receive a 65-gallon cart
  • Wheels. Rolling recyclables to your pickup point is easier than carrying bins.




What will go into my new recycling cart.


Please download our brochure on what items can and cannot go into these bins.
DO NOT PLACE *Trash, bagged recyclables, styrofoam, diapers, coat hangers, scrap metal,
electrical wire, chemicles
Items that are prohibited in these bins will be billed as trash, also the MERF will fine
us based collected prohibited items which we may have to remove your bin due to this. 




About my pickup schedule.


Items will be picked up based on your current schedule.




How I can learn more.
Check out our details on this website or call 508-252-9800