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dependable service

Our curbside services are so easy. Every week we are there to collect your materials.

Why Choose Us?

Dependable Service

We strive to make sure your service is a priority.

Low Price Guarantee

Being family owned we care about the service you are getting. Our price is unmatched for the same quality of service.


Not Long Term Contracts

We do not require a long term contract on any of our services.

Residential Service Simplified

  • So Easy: We supply the bins, you fill them up and we take care of the rest.
  • Versatility: If you find yourself with more waste than normal, we offer bulk item and extra pickups
  • Dependable: You can count on us to be consistent, efficient and safe
  • Selection: We offer a multitude of sizes and services

No Long Term Contract

Free Recycling

No Hidden Fees

Free Recycling

Let’s take care of the environment

  • So Easy: Our sort free system lets you place all your recyclables in one bin.
  • Convenient: Putting everything into one designated bin saves you valuable time
  • Less Waste: We ensure recyclable materials find their next best use
  • Energy Savings: Lets make your materials into a new reusable item.

Better Service, Better Price

What People Are Saying About Us

“Waste Tech is there every week. Also they kept their price for years which makes me happy”

Customer Since 2002

Jane Dixon

“We moved away from a national company and started with Waste Tech. They are family owned and local which matters to me.”

Customer Since 2011

Dean Summers